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ETL pipelines for your AI chatbot

Connect your documentation, support tickets, social media posts and more to your vector store. Query them from anywhere with a single API call.

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Get an API to query your data using GPT in 15 minutes

Connect your sources

A growing catalogue of connectors lets you to get structured and unstructured data out of third party tools without spending days writing custom integrations.

Clean and chunk data

Creating custom parsers for each data type, or use ones made by the community.

Query your API

Get a single endpoint to query all your connected data sources. Connect your preferred LLM to answer questions or transform results.

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... and other developer-focused companies
Straightforward pricing
Open Source
Use it in your own projects
Free forever
Per user per month
Self host with docker images
Community connectors & parsers
Community support
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Start querying your data ASAP
First 30 days, then $49/month
Slackbot to query your data
Dedicated support
Early access to new connectors and parsers
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